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You never know when bad luck strikes

Brand: catmobile
Client: Catmobile.ro
Agency: Sector 7
Language: Romanian

New communication code by Kotex

Competition in the feminine care category is strong due to the complex audience switching. Therefore, personal experience and trial purchase are very important for business growth. We have created new code of communication with girls in VKontakte with the help of kitty Anfisa’s stickers, branded videos and coupons via chatbot. 114 000 girls have used the coupon (exceeded the forecasts in 3,8 times). The conversion of those who received coupons was 5,7% (average 2%). The cost of a trial purchase reduced in 2,5 times versus standard mechanics without territorial limits!

Brand: Kotex
Client: KimberlyClark LLC
Agency: Mindshare
Language: English, Russian

Social Campaign "Eat like a Pro. Pass of Fair"

With market share 3,5% Beko in Russia failed to show as good results as in other markets and didn't build brand familiarity. We realized: only technologies are not enough for consumers. Home appliances is what daily helps parents to take care of their kids. But how to persuade little ones to eat healthy? How to switch them from gadgets to outdoor games? With the new communication platform "Eat Like a Pro" Beko answers: by inspiring them with their heroes! We received more than 8500 responces from consumers and sport stars. Results 2018: sales growth +47%; "brand familiarity" reached 52%.

Brand: Beko
Client: Beko LLC
Agency: APM
Language: English, Russian

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