Global: Media Idea

This is about outstanding effectiveness as a result of media-led ideas, and this award is intended to recognize those cases that were led by the media thinking, where the integration of media and message led to the success. 



Not Another Tide Ad, but the Dullest One in History Showing the Least Active Kids in History.

Owing to cultural norms in the Middle East, dirt isn’t considered good. So, kids remain indoor and inactive. OMO’s “Dirt is good” positioning wasn’t resonating.  We moved parents to experience how kids today are the least active kids in history, through a 23-hour video of a kid’s typically inactive day. Through the longest-ever cross-platform livestream, we provoked attention from parents, simultaneously educating them about the importance of physical activity and getting dirty for their kids. Achievements: Most-watched live-stream in MENA. +22% stain removal equity. +129% brand conviction. +98.3% sales increase.

Brand: OMO
Client: Unilever MENA
Agency: FP7/DXB (A part of McCann Worldgroup)
Language: English


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