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​The category is for campaigns that effectively used shopper insights, strategy, and creative to drive e-commerce customer journey and purchase.  



Whopper Detour

To attract shoppers and generate excitement about its revamped mobile app with order-ahead functionality, BK skipped the typical offer, leveraging a powerful insight: with the new app, anywhere can be a place to order a Whopper—even a McDonald’s—turning their much larger footprint into ours. Rewarding shoppers (many lapsed and new) with a $0.01 Whopper (when ordered from McD’s), we invited them to engage in the trolling fun–crushing our downloads KPI, hitting #1 on app stores, delivering millions of downloads in 9 days, millions of incremental-revenue value, and 37:1 ROI.

Brand: Burger King
Client: Burger King
Agency: FCB New York
Language: English

Dream Postcards

With Alaska Airlines’ “Dream Postcards” campaign we found a solution to the classic e-commerce conundrum: how to get shoppers to go from browsers to buyers. Inspired by our customers—who see themselves as travelers not tourists—we created a triggered email campaign that used personalization to return people to the purchase funnel using destinations they had just been browsing. By appealing to our guests’ emotional connection with travel we were able to recover revenue and increase bookings, the lifeblood of the airline industry. 

Brand: Alaska Airlines
Client: Alaska Airlines
Agency: Rauxa Agency
Language: English

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Complimentary Access Olympics

P&G used their Olympic partnership to connect the elusive millennial shopper to a different out-of-the-box way to shop for their everyday essentials – By using a relevant Olympian, snowboarder Louie Vito, we were able to tie into what was happening culturally while showing the benefits that an e-commerce platform like could provide when shopping for everyday bathroom, laundry and household cleaning items. The primary goal was to drive prior time period sales growth and the campaign delivered 30% growth vs. 3 weeks prior.

Brand: Procter & Gamble
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide
Language: English

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