Brands that connect and establish relationships with their audience’s key influencers are the ones to learn from.



Lays & Pyaterochka employed Olga Buzova

Every autumn, crisps face low season. In response, Lay’s in exclusive partnership with “Pyaterochka” turned a limited-edition launch into a blockbuster with the whole country watching. The leading star Olga Buzova had tried herself in so many projects, yet hadn’t worked anywhere full-time. So we offered her a job at “Pyaterochka” to help us launch 2 exclusive Lay’s flavours! As a result, the 8-week new product volume was sold out in 2weeks, Lay’s reached sales growth +50% vs. last year, record-traffic (+103% clicks & +223% site visits) and buzz among the young audience. 

Brand: Lay's
Client: Frito Ley Manufacturing LLC
Agency: BBDO Moscow
Language: English, Russian

A&W Beyond Meat Burger Launch With Influencers

This case describes how A&W became the first Burger QSR to forge a relationship with the county’s leading plant-based (Vegan) Influencers that helped them win over the broader plant-based community for the launch of the Beyond Meat Burger. We’ll outline how winning over an audience that self-admittedly would have been the last to advocate for a Burger QSR became the critical first step to creating the momentum that fueled intrigue and trial with Meat-reducing Millennials.

Brand: A&W
Client: A&W
Agency: Rethink
Language: English

Break Bread Smash Stigma

HIV isn’t the death sentence it once was, but HIV stigma lives on. Myths persist about how the disease is spread. As a world-leader in HIV/AIDS care, Casey House wanted to challenge this ignorance with truth and compassion. We found 50% of Canadians wouldn’t knowingly accept food from someone who is HIV positive. To challenge this stigma, we launched the first-ever eatery where all the chefs were HIV+: June’s. 515 earned stories; one billion earned media impressions; $35k budget; educated 730,000 Canadians; documentary picked up by HBO; $120,000 in donations.

Brand: June’s HIV Positive Eatery
Client: Casey House
Agency: Bensimon Byrne / Narrative / OneMethod
Language: English

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