Pocket Franchise

On the Christmas Eve in 2018, KFC China created a brand-new social e-commerce model on WeChat platform: a virtual KFC store that everyone can own – KFC pocket store! Consumers can open an interactive experience of running virtual KFC restaurant by simply open the WeChat mini program. Owners can DIY their stores, sell goods, add candies to their friends', which unlock offers, store elements, and compete with friends for popularity and ranking. As a store manager, you can get rewards and coupon benefits.

KFC pocket store opens for 24/7 has become a long-term marketing and e-commerce channel for KFC China since its launch. Create a sustainable digital platform, needs launch celebrities’ stores, virtual kitchen experience to make new KFC products and unlock shelves, create theme store marketing activities based on new products or festivals. Keep updating social thinking into social experience, therefore get praise from consumers.

Brand: KFC
Client: Yum! China
Agency: HO Communication/Accenture Interactive
Language: Mandarin

Night Cat Beer

In China, 70.1% of the post-90s generation is active at night. We call these Night Owls “Night Cat” in Chinese.
Their favorite late-night get-together is chatting over beers. As the leading brewery in China, Tsingtao Beer was looking for ways to boost the market sales at Alibaba’s biggest shopping festival of the year, “T-mall Double 11”, Chinese Black Friday.
At the turn of the decade, Tmall double 11 launched the theme product "Night Car Beer". The theme song "Night Cat’s song" was first released on NetEase cloud music, which earned a lot of praise.
With the shooting of the MV, we communicated with young people through Social channels. The MV tells about a group of friends who we haven't seen for a long time getting together, drinking, chatting and talking about dreams,”Night cat bar”is also customized for the theme.
The night cat beer has successfully harvested a lot of young consumers and the sales growth in the e-commerce platform has become remarkable, becoming the King of the sale in the Double 11.

Brand: Tsingtao Beer
Client: Tsingtao Brewery Co.,Ltd.
Agency: Shanghai Tian Yu Kong Advertising Co.,Ltd
Language: Mandarin

Crossborder Marketing

Shiseido discovered that Chinese consumers make their purchase decision before departure. Leveraging this opportunity, Shiseido successfully avoided the fierce competition at destination, reaching consumers before their departure. By further real time geo retargeting during trip, and life-time CRM, Shiseido successfully influenced consumers’ purchase decision before competitors and achieved sales growth for both cross border and domestic business.

Brand: Shiseido Ginza Tokyo
Agency: Ogilvy Shanghai
Language: Mandarin

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