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Happy losing!

Russian families rarely play Board games, because for most, it's still boring chess or dominoes. In this case, Hasbro should become an ambassador of the category and take responsibility for the development of Board games culture in Russia! We decided to do this based on a strong parental insight: One of the most emotional moments in every parent’s life is the first time they are defeated by their child, understanding how much their child has grown up. Thus, we will demonstrate our modern games, and also give families a strong reason to spend leisure time playing board games.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming
Client: Hasbro
Agency: OMD Media Direction

The Walking Dead. Episode 17.

What should you do when the main role actor announces leaving the show just before the new season premiere? - to launch zombie apocalypses: 17th interactive voice episode of The Walking Dead, those users could pass through with by voice only, chatting with Yandex Alisa. The episode was listened more that 1M times, 7M became aware of the episone and the new season and as a result number of FOX channel subscribtions (the channel reach) increased 15%, that is 3 times higher than benchmark for this kind of campaigns

Brand: FOX TV channel
Client: Fox Network Group Russia. FOX TV channel
Agency: Mindshare

KFC China Digital Transformation

To rejuvenate its image and brand experiences to turn around business, KFC China communicates with customers every day, with the strategy of “5000+ Digitalized Restaurants, 1 KFC online ECO-SYSTEM, create new retail experience and brand commerce.” In 3 years, KFC Membership reached 1200 million, making it one of the largest loyalty programs in the restaurant industry worldwide. The transformation with more interactive, innovative, entertaining dining experiences, and new retail experiences and brand commerce wins back popularity among Chinese young generations, also brings KFC business to a historical high level.

Brand: KFC
Client: Yum! China
Agency: Isobar China Group

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