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On the Christmas Eve in 2018, KFC China created a brand-new social e-commerce model on WeChat platform: a virtual KFC store that everyone can own – KFC pocket store! Consumers can open an interactive experience of running virtual KFC restaurant by simply open the WeChat mini program. Owners can DIY their stores, sell goods, add candies to their friends', which unlock offers, store elements, and compete with friends for popularity and ranking. As a store manager, you can get rewards and coupon benefits.

KFC pocket store opens for 24/7 has become a long-term marketing and e-commerce channel for KFC China since its launch. Create a sustainable digital platform, needs launch celebrities’ stores, virtual kitchen experience to make new KFC products and unlock shelves, create theme store marketing activities based on new products or festivals. Keep updating social thinking into social experience, therefore get praise from consumers.

Brand: KFC
Client: Yum! China
Agency: HO Communication/Accenture Interactive
Language: Mandarin


Brands pay huge money as 2018 World Cup sponsors. Chinese kitchen appliances brand, Vatti, is just a team sponsor. How to win the World Cup marketing-war in China on a tight budget?

“FRANCE TRIUMPHS, VATTI REFUNDS”, If France wins the 2018 World Cup, "Championship Package" purchasers before the knockout stage get full refunds.
Whether France wins or not, Vatti will be the winner.

Vatti becomes the hottest topic during the 2018 World Cup. Vatti earns far more brand influence than all World Cup sponsors. With a return on investment over 1,000 times that of all World Cup sponsors, it has been praised as a "God-like" marketing case.

The first time in 88 years of the World Cup: FRANCE TRIUMPHS, VATTI REFUNDS.

Brand: Vatti
Client: Vatti
Agency: Z+
Language: Mandarin

Somos Las Nuevas Crispetas Ramo: Caseritas Y Triunfadoras.

Somos CRISPETAS RAMO, hechas tradicionalmente, con ingredientes naturales. Cuando fuimos presentadas, nos asustamos, debíamos: • Conquistar muchachos acostumbrados a probar snacks y estar en Internet. • Fortalecer posicionamiento de SnacksRamo, con grandes jugadores e inversiones. • A una competencia con 6 años construyendo mercado y presupuestos de $4.500.000.000, versus el nuestro: 0,8% total categoría. Finalmente, concentrándonos en redes, LOGRAMOS 46.000.000 DE IMPRESIONES, UN ALCANCE DE 7.700.000 PERSONAS, DUPLICAR NUESTRO OBJETIVO DE PARTICIPACIÓN, QUITARLE 10 PUNTOS DE SHARE A LA COMPETENCIA Y SER RECONOCIDAS COMO CASERITAS Y NATURALES EN POCO TIEMPO Y RECURSOS LIMITADOS.

Brand: Crispetas
Client: Productos Ramo SAS
Agency: Grey Colombia SAS
Language: Spanish

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