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Amway Social Selling

How can modern digital trends effect traditional MLM companies, including Amway? How can you effectively move away from printed brochures and product samples towards high quality Instagram content, without taking risk of loosing your current supporters? We developed an integrated educational system, aimed at growing the company's business through social media, basing on the latest trends in engagement & education. 

Brand: Amway
Client: Amway
Agency: Wavemaker
Language: English, Russian

yumtamtam - Entdecke deine Freude am Kochen.

yumtamtam ist EDEKAs Antwort auf sinkende Mediareichweiten bei den 13 – 30-Jährigen. Dreimal wöchentlich ruft die Influencer-Koch-WG auf YouTube in unterhaltsamen Videos zum Mitkochen auf. Der Content wird aktiv aus der Community mitgestaltet und das Engagement der Follower mit Tutorial- und Challenge-Videos gesteigert. Mit über 375.000 Abonnenten und 80% organischen Views ist yumtamtam Kategorie-Benchmark. Über nur 35% des vergleichbaren TV-TKPs werden junge Kunden deutlich effizienter erreicht – bei durchschnittlich über 3 Minuten Wiedergabedauer und ohne werblichen Tune-Out. Das Format wirkt herausragend auf das Image der Marke: Wer yumtamtam kennt, vertraut EDEKA mehr (+18,9%), ist eher Kunde von EDEKA (+10,1%) und nutzt EDEKA häufiger als erste Wahl zum Kauf (+19,3%).

Brand: EDEKA / yumtamtam
Language: German

Tmall Run away From Home social campaign

During 11.11 E-commerce Festival in 2018, Tmall new media team planned a social campaign named “Tmall Run away From Home”——a pluralistic marketing campaign, which made the brand image not only a LOGO but also an IP with personality. It also drive businesses, media and traffic at the same time.

On October 25, Tmall official Weibo announced Tmall(a mascot cat) would ran away from home for 7 days, to encourage netizens to search it, Tmall updated its statuses by “postcards” (via Weibo), it went to some “places”: a brand’s store, a media, a famous movie star’s wedding, even the space with NASA!

The campaign attracted lots of people participate looking for Tmall . Businesses,KOLs and media also participated the "Welcome Tmall" avatar game. Finally, Tmall was picked up by Yi Yangqianxi, the brand’s spokeman. Overall, TMALL had a wonderful beginning for 11.11 preheat.

Brand: Tmall
Client: Tmall
Agency: tmall
Language: Mandarin

2019_hk_2019_e-61-774_hero_1 Now TV 2-second Riddle Trailer
2019_ru_2019_2438_hero_1 Lexus Lexus Instagram Hijack
2019_cn_2019_e192-ms-161533121_hero_1 Oreo OREO 2018 CREATION CAMPAIGN

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