Disease Awareness & Education: Charitable/Research Funding

This category recognizes efforts dedicated to generating funding/donations/support for research, treatment and care of specific health conditions.



Closing The CPR Gender-Gap with The WoManikin

When women suffer cardiac arrest, they are much less likely than men to receive effective CPR, and so much more likely to die. We identified gender-bias within CPR manikin design as a key contributing factor, and addressed it with The WoManikin, a universal, open-source attachment to give conventionally flat-chested CPR manikins breasts. We launched in National CPR Awareness week to give the issue of female CPR presence and drive awareness. The WoManikin drove huge media pick-up, is already adopted by 52 CPR training organizations, and is likely already saving lives.

Brand: The WoManikin
Client: Damn Joan
Agency: Joan Creative
Language: English

2021_he_2021_e-6645-213_hero_1 Seattle Children's Year End Giving Campaign
2019_he_2019_e-4090-093_hero_1 Cook County Health The Tiniest Listing

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