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Listerine. Guarantee of cleanness with Elena Letuchaya

How to change the behavior in the category and form a habit of using a mouthwash twice a day after brushing? Listerine decided not just to talk about its product advantages, but to offer such a role model, which will set new rules. The choice of Elena Letuchaya for the role of Listerine brand ambassador is 100% hitting the target. After all, if the result of Listerine job is guaranteed by the leading expert in the field of cleanness the chief "revisorro" of the country Elena Letuchaya, then there can be no doubt about the need to use it. As a result of the campaign, Listerine reached a historic record in terms of market share, double-digit sales growth and was able to drive the penetration of the whole category from 27% to 30%!

Brand: Listerine
Client: Johnson and Johnson LLC
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Russia
Language: English, Russian

How WHISKAS united all cat-addicts and won back peoples love

WHISKAS is the brand that created the market for prepared pet food in Russia. WHISKAS led the market for many years, but as competition intensified, its position came under threat. In order to defend its position and win back the audiences affection, WHISKAS called for all cat lovers to unite and admit their cat-addiction on Russias Cat Day. A Cat-addiction ode, written by Semyon Slepakov, triggered a wave of declarations from people across the country. More than 18 million views and high engagement in the campaign led to growth in the brands market share and a historic high in penetration.

Client: Mars LLC
Agency: BBDO Moscow
Language: English, Russian

Prevent #CATmageddon

In 2016, truth had to stoke outrage to keep driving down teen smoking an on-going challenge because teens dont think or care about tobacco and its consequences. We needed a new way to tell an old story. Armed with the fact: Cats whose owners smoker are 2X likely to get cancer, we set out to make smoking a relevant issue with teens again. Our campaign successfully captured the attention of teens and drastically changed their attitudes towards smoking.

Brand: Truth Initiative
Client: Truth Initiative
Agency: 72andSunny
Language: English

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