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Mezamashii Run Project

Mizuno had just 7% brand favorability, a running shoe that felt hard and stiff on the sales floor and 1% of the industy's ad spend to work with. But they knew that runners logging more than 20 miles a week would prefer Mizuno shoes if they could just TRY them instead of merely TRY THEM ON. When a word-of-mouth campaign called The Mezamashii Run Project put shoes on running feet, both favorability and store sales increased. And a sustainable community of fans who are now wear-testing Mizuno products was born.

Brand: Mizuno
Client: Mizuno
Agency: McKinney
Language: English

Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2, a video game in the survival-horror genre, is the sequel to one of the most grotesque video games ever. But this genre is a little too gruesome for mainstream gamers tastes, limiting our ability to break into the more lucrative action games market. With a unique, universal insight that moms hate what gamers love we created a campaign that broke through to the mainstream, reaching a new, broader audience, and significantly exceeded launch expectations.

Brand: Dead Space 2
Client: Electronic Arts, Inc.
Agency: Draftfcb San Francisco
Language: English

Singin' In The Rain

To launch its Nourishing Oil Hair Care line, Dove needed to earn credibility among hair-involved women, steal share from market leader Pantene and spend less than 1MM. To make the brand worth talking about, our campaign leveraged an observation into competitive behavior: going online while everyone else spent heavily in TV; and built on Dove's brand values by using real woman in a frizzy-hair torture test. The women tweeted and blogged on set as they sang in the rain. Consumers responded, and Dove achieved +67% over projected revenue.

Brand: Dove Canada
Client: Unilever
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

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