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The Commerce & Shopper Effies honor the most effective integrated campaigns designed to engage the shopper and guide the purchase process.



The Whopper Detour

Mobile ordering was critical to Burger King’s future but interest in our late to-the-game app was low. Our insight was unlocked when we realized mobile ordering through our new app has the power to turn McDonald’s ’much larger footprint into our competitive advantage. By offering a 1-cent Whopper that’s only available ‘at’ McDonald’s we turned customers into willing co-conspirators in helping us troll our rival in the biggest way ever. Becoming the most downloaded iOS & Android store apps, BK generated $15m in incremental revenue, with an astounding 37:1 ROI.

Brand: Burger King
Client: Burger King
Agency: FCB NY
Language: English

Diageo’s Pretty Simple Drinks Program

In 2017, shoppers bought more wine and beer, and fewer spirits. Why? Because even though spirit shoppers wanted to serve beautiful cocktails during at-home gatherings, the intimidation and complexity of cocktails was causing them to switch to wine and beer in-store. That’s why we developed a multi-brand program with five Diageo brands– showing just how easy it is to create Instagram-worthy cocktails in under 60 seconds. Ultimately, we provided shoppers with all the ingredients, education, and inspiration needed to make Pretty. Simple. Drinks.

Brand: Diageo
Client: Diageo
Agency: TracyLocke
Language: English

The Chicken Raps

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's Lebanon
Agency: FP7 McCann Beirut
Language: English

2020_uk_2020_e-481-753_hero_1 Nestlé KITKAT KITKAT - Make a Break For It
2019_co_2019_e-309-400_hero_1 Ponqué Tajada El Juego Del Trono De Las Ventas Del Ponqué Tajada
2019_mn_2019_207_hero_1 Mastercard The Sound of Mastercard

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