Multicultural - Services

Any effort for a service whose success was dependent on effectively connecting with a specific cultural or lifestyle group, e.g.  African-American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBT, People with Disabilities, etc. 



Know Your Girls

Black women in America are 40 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than white women. In communities across the U.S., black women are more likely to be diagnosed younger, at later stages and with more aggressive forms of the disease.  Developed by the Ad Council and Susan G. Komen, Know Your Girls encourages her to take charge of her breast health by treating her breasts with the same love, understanding and attentiveness that she gives the women closest to her.

Brand: Susan G. Komen
Client: Ad Council
Agency: Translation LLC
Language: English

NBCU Telemundo Sports Women's World Cup 2019

Summer 2019, some of the top athletes in fútbol prepared to battle at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.  But one never-before-seen, will-not-happen-again-any-time-soon conflict threatened viewership for Telemundo: two of the biggest men’s tournaments overlapped.  Latinos love soccer, but women usually get no respect. Telemundo scraped the tradition of doing less-than for the WWC and gave the athletes the spotlight they’ve earned with unprecedented coverage and world-class production value. Hispanic fans were stoked to get even more great futbol, independent of gender.

Brand: NBCU Telemundo Sports
Client: NBCU Telemundo Sports
Agency: Republica Havas
Language: English

DNA Discounts

U.S.-to-Mexico Aeromexico ticket sales suffered as the U.S. political climate fanned the flames of anti-Mexico rhetoric. We sought to convert Mexico rejectors – white American nationalists who reject traveling to Mexico. Specifically, we targeted rejectors who – unbeknownst to them – had Mexican ancestry. We suspected that Americans’ love of discounts could override their rejection of Mexico and created DNA Discounts to give this audience a genetic heritage discount. We increased daily revenue 185.8% after the campaign went viral while promoting our positioning statement: There are no borders within us.

Brand: Aeromexico
Client: Aeromexico
Agency: Ogilvy Mexico
Language: English

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