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Anlene "We Are More"

Who says marketing to the silver hair must be boring? While it took some calculated risks, Anlene Adult Milk Powder proved that taking an unconventional approach was all worth it. In order to inspire people to live beyond age stereotype and embrace challenges, Anlene partnered with a Cantonese Opera troupe and gave amateurs the opportunity to perform an inspiring story in front of a full house at the reputable Sunbeam Theatre. The effort successfully connected with the silver hair and raised their purchase intent from 49% to 88%.

Brand: Anlene Adult Milk Powder
Client: Fonterra Brands (Hong Kong) Limited
Agency: Sunny Idea (HK) Limited
Language: English

Los 50 que no vinieron

Brand: Zykadia
Client: Zykadia
Agency: Jotabequ Grey
Language: Spanish

Rhythm of Love Wall

We consider how to create an unique and interesting experience for the CSR program for 7-ELEVEN which owns the most convenience stores in Taiwan to attract people? We found a strong reason to believe – convenience store are the easiest and common place for loose change to happen. Hence, we created the “Rhythm of Love Wall” donation box. In order to show our gratitude to donators, we develop every pair of hands to produce authentic clapping sound and motion like real human hand. Idea: Every coin donated with love deserves a loving encouragement. People will receive a different applause each time when they insert coins. This not only gives a direct gratitude for their good deeds, at the same time, people could feel the joy of being encouraged. It makes them want to give more!

Brand: 7-ELEVEN Taiwan CSR
Client: 7-ELEVEN Taiwan
Language: English, Mandarin

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