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Made Possible By Melbourne

We had to publish research in a new and engaging way to increase research investment. We turned an entire city into an exhibition by showcasing world-changing research in re-imagined custom-designed outdoor media panels all connected by a free tram and then brought them to life with a mobile audio guide voiced by the researchers themselves. This interactive out-of-home experience allowed people to see what has been Made Possible by Melbourne and led to an increase in research enquiries.

Brand: University of Melbourne
Client: University of Melbourne
Agency: McCann Melbourne
Language: English


In recent years, consumers have tended to choose healthy snacks, and OREO is trying to make a difference. At the same time, stimulating product sales through great idea, deepening brand impression, strengthening consumers and product emotional links, became the brand side's urgent need. We start with the product itself, creates OREO OBOX for the brand. By using AR of alipay to scan different shapes of oreo cookies, you can unlock various interesting and magical games. Innovative entertainment and PLAYFUL experience arouses the consumers' strong curiosity, and prompts them to participate and share spontaneously. High quality creative idea promotes brand sales increased impression: 1.Sales volume: More than 10 times vs. no campaign online and 10% YOY increase. 2.More than 80 thousand AR game UV two days after launch.

Brand: OREO
Client: Mondelez International
Agency: Inspire
Language: Mandarin

Facing DEBATE: Noticias Repretel

Brand: Repretel
Client: Repretel
Agency: CAC Porter Novelli
Language: Spanish

2019_pk_2019_e-305-361_hero_1 Wall's Sandwich Wall's Sandwich FIFA Campaign
2019_eu_2019_e-176-218_hero_1 Electrification Let's write the future.
2019_de_2019_e-182-730_hero_1 Deutsche Telekom / MagentaTV Die erste WhatsApp Comedy-Serie der Welt

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