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Esports starts with you

“Esports starts with you” is the first and the only multi-channel sponsorship esports project in Russia. MegaFon has decided to win favor of the younger audience and increase sales of the relevant product using the newest ever-growing trend of esports. A series of thought-out sponsorship integrations, engagement mechanics and brand-new unique content ideas were the main factors behind the project’s success. MegaFon managed to bolster the brand’s “youngster” attributes to 20% and increase sales of the data plan with an increased mobile traffic package by more than 300% over the course of the campaign.

Brand: MegaFon
Client: MegaFon PJSC
Agency: ESforce
Language: English, Russian

Alibaba Pyeongchang Olympic Campaign--To the greatness of small

Being an international technology giant, Alibaba values the greatness of small. The company believe in the power within small, and set the vision to make it easy to do business everywhere, empowering young people by giving each individual an equal chance to shine. Dislike most of the brands, as the Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Games, Alibaba’s value – To the greatness of small echoes with the Olympic spirits - encouraging everyone’s participation. The communication campaign aims to re-define the conventional perception on SMALL, inspiring people to recognize SMALL is powerful.

Brand: Alibaba
Client: Alibaba Group
Agency: Proximity Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Language: English, Mandarin

Made Possible By Melbourne

The University of Melbourne conducts world-changing research but the people of Melbourne didn’t know about it because research is typically published in journals. We had to publish this research in a new and interactive way to increase research investment. We turned an entire city into an exhibition by featuring world-changing research re-imagined in 14 traditional outdoor media panels and brought to life with a mobile audio guide. This allowed people to see what has been Made Possible by Melbourne and led to an increase in research enquiries.

Brand: University of Melbourne
Client: University of Melbourne
Agency: McCann Melbourne
Language: English

2019_ru_2019_2151_hero_1 GDrive G-Drive Challenge at Epicenter CS:GO
2018_ap_2018_145_hero_1 Shell Shell Emotion Tracker
2018_ap_2018_144_hero_1 Huawei Mobile Huawei X Rex Tso From Zero to Hero

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