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Love in daily usual is unusual——Wishes on Mother's Day

In 2018, P&G launched campaign " Love in daily usual is unusual " and built strong connection between P&G brands and Mother's Day. In 2019, we want to further strengthen the campaign idea through new insight. Social research data shows that the mother in China is the main bearer of family housework .From this angle, we deeply dig into the social topic ignored by people and expressed our idea through video Mother's Day Wishes. In the video, the father and mother exchanged their body. Having a tense and restless day, the father finally understand that mother’s daily life is not easy. The Hot Search Topic # Catch a Fake Mother # became the Weibo No.1 Mother’s Day topic.

Brand: P&G
Client: Procter & Gamble(Guangzhou) Ltd.
Agency: Goodzilla Co., Ltd.
Language: Mandarin

999 Warm-Hearted Leggings

Nowadays, more and more Chinese young targets are inclined to treat colds with Western medicine; therefore, the influence of using 999 Ganmaoling Keli is declining, and this cold remedy brand is becoming outdated.
For this campaign, we combined the traditional Chinese elements with the modern young culture and found an innovative way of utilizing crossover mediums. We re-invented the traditional long johns and designed a line of Warm-Hearted Leggings to refresh the outdated brand image of 999 Ganmaoling Keli. The Campaign idea "high-waisted long johns to keep you warm while staying fashionable", which became a sensation on social media, thus caused a new trend of wearing long johns among the young targets. As a result, it had successfully giving new life to 999’s promise of feeling warm from heart to heart.

Brand: 999 Ganmaoling Keli
Client: San Jiu Medicine Trade Co., Ltd.
Agency: Serviceplan China
Language: Mandarin

Be the Buddha’s Provider

This is a charity campaign that focuses on the Mogao Caves, a cultural heritage with a history of 1600 years. It aims to involve more people to protect and promote the Dunhuang culture. Every June, a million households in China will encounter the National College Entrance Exam. This is the time when people ask Buddhas for fortune and guidance to success. Consequently, we have created 34 guardian charms incorporating Mogao Caves Buddhist elements and hided them in social media. According to big data tags, each student is matched with a specific charm, and by donating 1 RMB, they will become the Provider. The campaign soon took over the internet and became a social charity campaign for everyone, an act of providing instead of donating, to help revitalize the Mogao Caves’ painting.

Brand: Dunhuang
Client: Dunhuang Academy
Agency: Tencent
Language: Mandarin

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2019_cn_2019_e192-cd-160929365_hero_1 KFC A Warm Croissant to Cheer up Your Mornings

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