Ugly in the 90's

Brand: Skoda France
Client: Skoda France
Agency: Rosapark
Language: French

What Matters is Inside

A trucker’s livelihood is closely tied to efficient up and down movement on long routes, while complying to safety regulations. Delays very clearly equate to financial loss. Money taking priority on safety is the biggest threat and the behavior that Shell Rimula aims to discourage. The gray imports promoted by illegal reclaimers, selling at low prices make up the biggest challenge in category faced by legal players, making it difficult to sustain preference for quality brands, in 2017/18, Shell Rimula grew its brand preference from 14%  to 21% 

Brand: Shell Rimula
Client: Shell Pakistan
Agency: JWT Grey
Language: English

El Mae de las Pastoras

Brand: Chevrolet
Client: Chevrolet
Language: Spanish

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