Absolut Civil Love

After decades of sectarian division and Civil War in Lebanon, we called on the Lebanese to fall in Civil Love. Inter-faith love and marriage would heal divisions in Lebanon and unify the nation. But can Civil Love really unify Lebanon if it cannot result in civil marriage? Inter-faith civil marriage is still not possible in Lebanon, so we discovered a legal loophole and brought civil marriage the closest it has ever been to Lebanese territory, only 12 miles off our shores.

Brand: Absolut Civil Love
Client: Fawaz Holding
Agency: Interesting Times
Language: English

Coca Cola Food and Music Festival

The Coca-Cola Food and Music Festival is the biggest celebration of food and music in Pakistan which targets youth & families to come together in a safe environment. Coca-Cola brought people together by offering a perfect combination of festivity to our entertainment starved public. With over half a million visitors, It has proven to be the Largest/Most Entertaining and Successful Series of Branded Events across Pakistan. Creating a new trend of gathering consumers in large scale events, under International Health and Safety Standards, making the experience, one of its kind.

Brand: Coca Cola
Client: Coca Cola Pakistan
Agency: Activation Partner
Language: English

Original Long Drink maitokauppaan

Upea klassikon paluu. Aito ja alkuperäinen tuli maitokauppoihin brändillä eikä hinnalla. Original Long Drinkistä tehtiin vahva osa Suomen populaarikulttuuria ja ikoninen kuosi vietiin jopa vaatemallistoon. Seurauksena koko lonkerokategorian suvereeni haltuunotto.

Brand: Original Long Drink
Client: Hartwall
Agency: Bob the Robot
Language: Finnish

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