Small Budgets - Non-Profit

This category recognizes cases with communications efforts that ran on a small budget (Local Efforts - $1 million or less, Regional Efforts - $2 million or less, and National Efforts - $5 million or less). 



Back to School

Sandy Hook Promise needed to recapture America's attention as the 2019-20 school year began. So we did what any brand that provides school essentials would do: we launched our own back-to-school campaign. With over 3.9 billion impressions, shares from 11 presidential candidates, and outpourings of emotion around the country, we brought the terrifying 'new normal' of gun violence to life and redefined what a back-to-school campaign could be. But most importantly, we supported Sandy Hook Promise's mission to empower each of us to stop a shooting before it can happen.

Brand: Sandy Hook Promise
Client: Sandy Hook Promise
Agency: BBDO New York
Language: English

Challenging the Cyber Talent of Tomorrow

Getting young computer enthusiasts to consider the cybersecurity careers available within the Military has become an uphill battle as demand for their talents has skyrocketed. To recruit them away from similar jobs at private tech companies they are passionate about, we tapped into their deeper passion for solving complex digital problems and challenged them to take the ultimate test at CyberMission.Tech.

Client: JAMRS
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

Cut Out the Bullshit

2020 was the most deadly year for gun violence in America on record. But with the torrent of overlapping crises in the news, the gun violence crisis was getting lost. How could Change the Ref, run by Manuel Oliver in memory of his son Joaquin, maintain attention for the white-hot gun control issue among its harshest critics (white male gun owners)? With just $1,000, we found the answer at the intersection of fathers, sons and America’s favorite pastime: Baseball. 

Brand: Change the Ref
Client: Change the Ref
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

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