David vs. Goliath

This is an award for smaller, new or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders; taking on "sleeping giants;" or moving into a new product/service field beyond their current category adn set of competitors.



KFC Brand Turnaround

In competing for Singaporeans’ share of attention and stomach, KFC was outgunned by McDonald’s in terms of media spend, share of voice and store count. With nothing else to turn to, we leveraged the power of brand and created a distinct attitude for KFC that gave people permission to unapologetically indulge in fast-food. All of KFC communications were transformed to come with an extra serving of attitude that captured the KFC brand, reversing yearly sales decline and increasing market share for the first time since 2015.

Brand: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Client: Kentucky Fried Chicken Management Pte. Ltd.
Agency: Ogilvy Singapore

Tobacco Is No Joke

Tobacco companies need to replace the 1300 customers who die from tobacco-related diseases each day. And they do it by heavily targeting teens. "Replacement Smokers", they're called. The Facts Now is a campaign crafted exclusively to prevent teens in Florida from picking up this deadly habit. Since the campaign began, it has achieved a 52% decrease in Florida’s high school smoking rates to 3.6%, and brand awareness outpacing national campaigns.

Brand: Tobacco Free Florida
Client: Tobacco Free Florida
Agency: Alma DDB


#TodosSomosDavid es una campaña que pretendía defender a sus clientes del líder de la categoría Telco (Goliat) y exponerlo ante sus usuarios, para que todos vieran la verdad:  A Goliat no le importas cuando estás con él, solo cuando te portas a Avantel. Durante el periodo logramos defender  nuestro territorio y convertirnos en líderes absolutos en portabilidad de la categoría de telefonía móvil.

Brand: Avantel
Agency: Buentipo Anchor

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