David vs. Goliath

This is an award for smaller, new or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders; taking on "sleeping giants;" or moving into a new product/service field beyond their current category adn set of competitors.



Eat 'Em Like Junk Food

The "Eat 'Em Like Junk Food" campaign marked the first branding effort for Baby Carrots and an entirely new approach to getting Americans to eat their veggies. The campaign transformed the carrot business, reversed record declines in category sales, and ignited a cultural conversation around healthy snacking that didn't exist prior.

Brand: Baby Carrots
Client: Bolthouse Farms
Agency: CP+B

EOS is Reinventing Lip Balm

EOS, a brand new beauty brand, broke into one of the top spots in the highly competitive lip balm category, working with tiny budgets in the face of rich multi-nationals. How did they do it? By developing a product so thoughtfully made for women that it re-framed womens' expectations of what a lip balm actually should be, and in doing so, it transformed the very category itself. EOS has become a must-have fashion accessory with hordes of brand evangelists in an otherwise highly functional and low-interest category.

Brand: EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm
Client: EOS
Agency: Juniper Park

"A Blast of Hydration"

Up against a big spending, category dominant competitor and consumers skeptical of higher blade counts, Schick set out to launch their new Hydro razor. Global research had shown that guys wanted more from their shave, going beyond just removing hair to caring for their skin in the process. With this insight, Schick developed and launched Hydro with an unexpected blast of hydration. The launch far exceeded sales and share goals, and the insightful positioning resulted in an unusually high brand bonding score for a new brand with a small presence.

Brand: Schick Hydro
Client: Energizer Personal Care
Agency: JWT

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