David vs. Goliath

This is an award for smaller, new or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders; taking on "sleeping giants;" or moving into a new product/service field beyond their current category adn set of competitors.



Kia Soul vs. Scion xB

Kia launched Soul to directly compete with Scion xB, and start a conversation with a younger audience than they ever had before. 'Soul. A New Way to Roll' was the campaign rallying cry and it embodied a challenger spirit intent on challenging the category leader, winning market share, and connecting with a whole new audience. Soul's launch successfully sold the cars, stole market share, and embedded itself squarely in popular culture on its way to one of 2009's most successful car launches.

Brand: Kia
Client: Kia Motors America
Agency: David&Goliath, LLC

A Revelation in Every Cup

In a declining, saturated and competitive market, Green Mountain Coffee made significant gain by increasing consumer loyalty. The insight - that consumers unconsciously associate coffee with the need to gain clarity of thought, and return after the coffee with a changed perspective - led to a unique and relevant positioning idea where the brand could take credit for creating moments of 'inspiration'. Creative and media strategies that encouraged consumers to take a few minutes with the brand to pause, reflect and be inspired generated 65% sales uplift in the Boston campaign area.

Brand: Green Mountain Coffee
Client: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Agency: BrandBuzz/Young & Rubicam

A Sub Chain Facing An Uphill Battle

Erbert & Gerbert's, a regional 46-store sub chain, was outmatched and outspent by marketing behemoths such as Subway. E&G faced a difficult position -- evolve or starve. With a fresh brand experience, E&G focused its limited marketing dollars on the emerging millennial market and let earned media take care of the rest. More than 3 million online impressions, thousands of blog postings and national spotlight attention increased E&G system-wide store sales in a declining industry and created a new generation of loyal customers.

Brand: Erbert & Gerbert's Subs & Clubs
Client: Erbert & Gerbert's Franchise Systems
Agency: Colle+McVoy

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