David vs. Goliath

This is an award for smaller, new or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders; taking on "sleeping giants;" or moving into a new product/service field beyond their current category adn set of competitors.



Unsnobby Coffee

Launching McDonald's premium coffee in Seattle, Starbucks' hometown, where The Buck outflanks McDonald's 4-to-1 in retail locations and there's an indie cafe on every corner, was no easy task. The strategy: Tap into unpretentiousness, a core value of Washingtonians, to create a backlash against coffee elitism. The campaign included a 12-foot-tall coffee confessional housing "our Dr. Phil" of the espresso world conducting anonymous "Unsnobby" interventions, which got Seattle buying McCafe, over-delivering trial goal by 173%.

Brand: McDonald's, Western Washington
Client: McDonald's Corporation
Agency: DDB West

Piping Cold

Launching McDonald's Iced Coffee in Seattle, Starbucks' hometown, where "The Buck" outflanks McDonald's 4 to 1 in retail locations, where there's a hipster indie cafe on every corner, was no easy task. Our strategy: In a city born and brewed on morning hot, celebrate cold in the afternoon. Our easy-breezy "Iced to Meet You" campaign included real knit pole cozies and java jackets, giant ice cubes, and the first-ever TV spot featuring prosthetic male nipples, which got Seattle buying McCold, over-delivering our sales goal by 50%.

Brand: McDonald's, Western Washington
Client: McDonald's Corporation
Agency: DDB, Seattle

truth vs. Big Tobacco

In an environment where cigarette companies spend upwards of $13 billion per year advertising and promoting its deadly product, truth has been the true underdog for teens in providing the antidote against Big Tobacco and its marketing practices. With its budgets at less than a fraction of Big Tobacco's, truth needed to get the real facts about tobacco and the industry into the hands of America's teens and empower them to spread the knowledge. "Infect truth" did just that. Over the course of the campaign, awareness for truth rose, negative perceptions about Big Tobacco were fueled, and viral 'infections' were spread at levels much greater than expected.

Brand: Truth Initiative
Client: American Legacy Foundation
Agency: Arnold Worldwide

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