David vs. Goliath

This is an award for smaller, new or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders; taking on "sleeping giants;" or moving into a new product/service field beyond their current category adn set of competitors.



Adding health to hands

Brand: Savlon
Client: ITC Limited
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Group, India

Wonda Brews a Surprising Launch in Singapore

Getting a foothold on the Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Coffee market is a huge challenge for Wonda as Pokka & Nestle are long-time conquerors with more than 90% market share in total. Coffee is not only about consumption, it is also about the journey of taste and aromatic senses. We orchestrated the first-ever 5D immersive coffee experience in Singapore across multiple touchpoints, with focus on last mile conversion at in-store level. WONDA Coffee grew 206% during campaign period vs average monthly sales, outperforming expectations by two-fold!

Brand: Wonda
Client: Etika Pte Ltd
Agency: Entropia Holdings Pte Ltd

How to become CHEESEreous player

When the market declines, consumption decreases and prices rise, it seems the only way to save volume of production is to find ways to reduce prices and focus on the best-selling products. So does the majority. But KOMO has decided to resist the temptation of short-term results. In the course of 3 years, through the gradual introduction of marketing and communication strategy, and avoiding prices decline, the brand has not only maintained its position, but also increased sales, developed own range of varieties, strengthened leadership on the shelf of packaged cheeses and significantly strengthened the image.

Brand: KOMO

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