Corporate Reputation

This category is for communications that promote corporations, not exclusively their products. Includes sponsorships, image & identity.  




United Technologies is a 58 billion dollar company that few people knew about. We needed to get Wall Street investors to take notice of this solid diversified industrial in a way that would inspire them to research, recommend and purchase United Technologies stock- with serious levels of investment. The 'Cross Section' campaign appeals to the dormant little boy in our investor by surrounding him with elaborate and breath-taking cross-sections of the technology, financial success and 'big cool things' that make up United Technologies.

Brand: United Technologies
Client: United Technologies Corporation
Agency: DDB New York
Language: English

Growing Ideas

Weyerhaeuser needed to reinvent its image. The campaign's challenge: Update the vitality of the Weyerhaeuser brand by taking credit for the company's many cutting-edge ideas and products. The campaign significantly increased traffic to the Web site versus the prior year and at a significantly increased click-through rate. At the site, visitors got a fascinating tour of all of Weyerhaeuser's innovations and left them with a more positive opinion of the company.

Brand: Weyerhaeuser
Client: Weyerhaeuser Co.
Agency: Dailey & Associates
Language: English

The Human Element

At best, the work of The Dow Chemical Company was faceless. At worst, it was perceived to be everything detrimental to life on Earth. Hence the campaign's challenge: reframe Dow, fundamentally changing the way opinion leaders view the chemical company. By embodying the company's vision to address some of the most pressing economic, social and environmental concerns facing the global community, the Human Element campaign touched the target's hearts and minds and caused them to dramatically reevaluate how they view The Dow Chemical Company.

Brand: The Dow Chemical Company
Client: The Dow Chemical Company
Agency: Draftfcb Chicago
Language: English

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