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New Product or Service

Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.




Save the Bros

With Organic Fuel, Organic Valley was looking to break into the booming protein drink category. But how could a bunch of organic dairy farmers establish credibility in an industry dominated by tribal-tattooed beefcakes chugging products chock-full of synthetic ingredients? Well, by launching a campaign to Save the Bros, whose relentless pounding of conventional protein shakes was putting their very existence at risk. 7 million views and 100+ million media impressions later, Organic Fuel was #1 in its category and had rewritten the rules of organic product advertising.

  • Brand: Organic Fuel
  • Client: Organic Valley
  • Agency: Humanaut

Introducing JUMP! only from T-Mobile

Before T-Mobile intervened, wireless carriers had a stranglehold on phone upgrades. Want that cool new phone? Too bad. The industry's contract cycles made people wait up to two yearsthats 730 daysfor a new phone. That's absurd. So T-Mobile created its anytime upgrade program JUMP! to un-leash people from this tyranny. T-Mobile unveiled JUMP! to the world. The result? 2.2MM enroll in JUMP!, and T-Mobile extended its 2013 lead as the most chosen US wireless carrier.

  • Brand: T-Mobile
  • Client: T-Mobile USA
  • Agency: Hal Riney

A Breakfast Revelation

As consumers traded in their cereal bowls for handheld breakfast options, how could Special K, who was famous for cereal, compete? We needed to look across the grocery store to Frozen Foods where sales were heating up especially with handheld sandwiches. With Special K Flatbread Sandwiches we could surprise and delight female weight managers with a breakfast sandwich she could savor without guilt or sacrifice. With confidence from peers, she could discover a breakfast sandwich worthy of their love while Special K saw the love in the sales.

  • Brand: Kellogg's Special K
  • Client: The Kellogg Company
  • Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide
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