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Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.



NHS Covid-19 App Launch: Saving lives with an app

It would literally have been a crying shame if the NHS Covid-19 app launch had not been successful. As ever these days, there were plenty of people happy to cast doubt on the technology & peddle conspiracy theories. Yet here was technology that could genuinely make a difference by isolating cases & preventing forward infection…as long as we could overcome the widespread negativity. We would get just one shot at the launch. By understanding people’s underlying motivation & leveraging behavioural science, we more than doubled the download level of other countries. This directly prevented 594,000 infections & 8,700 deaths.

Brand: DHSC, NHS Test and Trace & HM Government
Client: Cabinet Office
Agency: MullenLowe London
Language: English

From ‘Who?’ To Hero: How Cazoo disrupted the used car market in 12 months.

In early 2020, ‘cazoo’ meant a plastic musical instrument.
By the end of 2020, Cazoo was an established player in the used-car marketplace. It'd become the fastest British business to achieve unicorn status, with expected 2021 revenues approaching £1billion.
Marketing played a critical role. It turned a completely new, unknown brand name, into a familiar, trusted one. It convinced consumers that the notion of buying a used car online, without seeing it – let alone test driving it – is a good idea.
Achieving that in 5 years would’ve been remarkable.
Achieving it in 1 year is arguably unprecedented.

Brand: Cazoo
Client: Cazoo
Language: English

Dungeons and Dragons: The Return

In 2017, we launched Kwid, which entered the Pop culture by featuring Hulk. In 2019, Kwid Outsider should take a deep dive into this universe. But how could we be stronger than Hulk? Impossible. So, we made the impossible happen: bring back home the warriors from the animated series “Dungeons Dragons”, icons of Brazilian POP Culture. The series has never actually had an end, which broke the hearts of Brazilians fans. The strategy had to live up to fans’ expectations and it would be worthy of a cinema blockbuster.

Agency: DPZ&T
Language: English

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