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This award honors efforts that grew their business / brand by changing the marketing model in ways that drive the industry forward. 



Moldy Whopper

The fast food industry’s reputation is built on artificiality. Over the last five years, Burger King had been working hard to shatter this perception, ridding our food of artificial sources. By 2020, we'd finally achieved a 100% real version of the Whopper. To break from the industry’s bad reputation, we’d confront people with something undeniable: REAL food shouldn’t last forever. Moldy Whopper did just that, breaking all the rules in food advertising. Our bold move paid off: Quality ingredient perception: +26% Visitation consideration: +22.8% Whopper sales: +14% Total impressions: 2.9B

Brand: Burger King
Client: Restaurant Brands International
Agency: INGO Stockholm
Language: English


We set out to disrupt the wireless industry yet again by launching the lowest monthly price for an unlimited plan, then convincing new unlimited customers who weren’t using much data, that they didn’t really need to pay for unlimited. Our campaign resulted in a 27% lift in brand awareness and a 36% increase in plan sales. Suggesting customers trade down to a lower data plan to save money, contributed to a 17.9% boost in our Net Promoter Score.

Brand: Mint Mobile
Client: Mint Mobile
Agency: Maximum Effort
Language: English

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