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Shady Sam

Americans are borrowing money without understanding how loans work. And they definitely don’t understand how loan terms are manipulated. No wonder our collective debt is $14 trillion. Enter Shady Sam, a browser game that teaches the tricks of loan terms by having you play as a shady lender. The goal of the game: Issue loans that make your company the most money. Rip off unsuspecting borrowers. Get cool stuff for your desk. The results so far: 380,000 kids who will never be ripped off by a lender in real life.

Brand: Next Gen Personal Finance
Client: Next Gen Personal Finance
Agency: McKinney
Language: English

The Charli

Cold brew is the fastest growing opportunity in the coffee space, largely driven by Generation Z’s passion for it. But as cold brew demand grew, Dunkin’ wasn’t keeping up with Starbucks. To drive relevance and trial, Dunkin' named a cold brew menu item after Charli D’Amelio, Dunkin' cold brew fanatic and TikTok’s biggest star. We developed a purely social/digital campaign with Charli to attract new customers to Dunkin's cold brew. The campaign had an immediate positive impact on cold brew sales and established a new generation’s affinity for Dunkin’.

Brand: Dunkin'
Client: Dunkin Brands
Agency: BBDO New York
Language: English

Send Noods

Amid COVID-19 panic, our disrupted livelihoods had us yearning for comfort. With connections to others severed, we turned to comfort food to fill the void. Meanwhile, a competitor entered the Macaroni & Cheese category—Cheetos, a zeitgeist among younger consumers. Kraft needed to galvanize Millennial attention to maintain its position as market leader. Enter: “Send Noods.” On National Noodle Day, Kraft encouraged young adults to reconnect and send boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese to their special someones. The response was astounding—and no one was talking about Cheetos.

Brand: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
Client: The Kraft Heinz Company
Agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Language: English

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