This is an award for rebirth campaigns. To enter your brand must have experienced a downturn of more than one year and a period of at least six months of upturn sales.



Never Settle For Less

Over the last decade, H&R Block experienced years of decline. The brand that invented the tax preparation category was now facing unrelenting pressure from other retail outlets and fast-growing do-it-yourself digital methods. After yet another dismal season, H&R Block presented a challenge: Motivate a skeptical, cost-conscious consumer to fire their current tax preparer and ask them to believe, instead, that with H&R Blocks expertise behind them, they stood a better chance to get more money back in their taxes. Proudly, this brand and its people fought back (and won).

Brand: H&R Block
Client: H&R Block
Agency: Fallon
Language: English

Helping America's Diner Re-Find Its Soul

Now and then one finds a brand where everyone knows what is but no one knows who it is. Dennys was that brand. The company and consumers had lost sight of what made Dennys special. Our charge was to rediscover the essence of the brand and recapture the hearts and minds of working-class Americans. As often happens, we traveled a long way to discover the answer was right under our noses. Thanks to our solution Dennys sales will be up for the first time in five years.

Brand: Denny's
Client: Denny's Corporation
Agency: Gotham Inc.
Language: English

"You're Not You When You're Hungry"

After years of narrowly-focused communications and significant competitive pressure, SNICKERS(R) found itself in trouble. To reinvigorate the brand we went back to its roots as a hunger solution. The "You're Not You When You're Hungry"campaign tapped into the simple truth that when you're hungry, you're not yourself and SNICKERS(R) can help sort you out. The idea touched all mediums and has achieved goals of driving volume sales, household penetration and reestablishing SNICKERS(R) within pop culture as a guys brand that EVERYONE feels they can be a part of.

Client: Mars Chocolate North America
Agency: BBDO New York
Language: English

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