This is an award for rebirth campaigns. To enter your brand must have experienced a downturn of more than one year and a period of at least six months of upturn sales.



Quilmes Clásica, el regreso

Quilmes sufrió el abandono de sus consumidores, en gran medida, porque aseguraban que la cerveza había cambiado. La comunicación no pudo resolverlo y tuvimos que hacer algo que ninguna otra marca mainstream había hecho: cambiar la cerveza.Los maestros cerveceros escucharon el clamor popular y nos trajeron de regreso a la antigua receta, sin conservantes y 100% natural, la Quilmes Clásica!Un nuevo nombre y una nueva imagen reflejaron el cambio y el orgullo que sentíamos por por dentro y por fuera.Semejante riesgo valió la pena: ¡el bullying cesó y las ventas lo reflejaron!

Brand: Quilmes clásica
Client: Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes (AB INBEV)
Agency: La América
Language: Spanish

Well known brand, unknown possibilities

Client: Zuse Holding
Agency: RTS Rieger Team Werbeagentur
Language: German

Become Turbo

In March 2017 Adrenaline Rush launches an Inn and Out that could be associated to the consumption at night, giving the consumer an extra Boost of energy and offering a new flavor: Adrenaline Turbo Its communication and all the brand actions were based on the association between the boost of energy with the boost that is given to a car engine and the communication was leveraged with the film FAST AND FOURIOS 8. The results of Adrenalin Turbo exceeded all established goals and had such a positive impact on the business and brand image that it was decided to keep it as a permanent line extension.

Brand: Adrenaline Rush
Client: CBC
Agency: Don't Stop Me Now
Language: Spanish

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