Small Budgets - Products

This category recognizes cases with communications efforts that ran on a small budget (Local Efforts - $1 million or less, Regional Efforts - $2 million or less, and National Efforts - $5 million or less). 



Twitter Bait

How to launch a new product with a $0 production budget? This is the challenge we, and Burger King, faced in Q1 2019. A historically slow quarter, the brand needed the launch of a new dessert product to be successful, but with little resources to offer in support. We got scrappy, identifying an opportunity to hijack a trending conversation with a contentious social media behavior bound to get people talking. Our target? Influencers, who have the highest reach potential. They took the bait, and the launch was an overwhelming success.

Brand: Burger King
Client: Restaurant Brands International
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

Scent By Glade®

The rise of online shopping meant that consumers could not sample our fragrances before purchasing them. To allow online shoppers to experience our fragrances in real life, Glade leveraged an overlooked part of the online shopping experience: packing pillows. For the first time ever, we turned air into an advertisement, experience, and point of purchase all in one. 

Brand: Glade
Client: SC Johnson
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: English

El Pez Invisible

El pez loro estaba siendo casi exterminado por la sobrepesca y Jumbo fue la primera cadena de retail que voluntariamente paró su venta. Para concientizar a sus clientes sobre la situación, realizó una acción en sus tiendas de llenar de empaques vacíos las neveras donde se exhibe el pescado fresco. Usando solo medios y recursos propios y casi nada de presupuesto, logró captar la atención del país y que el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente declarara una veda de pesca a nivel nacional por dos años.

Brand: Jumbo
Client: Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN)
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: Spanish

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2019_co_2019_e-201-077_hero_1 Postobon - Sabores Postobon Nuestro Sabor No Tiene Raza.
2019_do_2019_e-112-495_hero_1 Palacio del Cine Martina perdóname

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