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The turning point in the relationship of McDonald’s with Brazilians. Through experience, content and innovation, we exceeded all expectations and targets. We boosted the brand, business, and the earned media surpassed the paid media by 10x. We changed “McDonald’s” at the store fronts for the nickname Méqui. The thousandth store became a touristic spot and, unlike other concept stores, it led the branch’s sales in the country. We even invited the crowd to sleep over at Méqui1000. A project that materialized consumers’ urges and truths. Something only McDonald’s could do.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: Arcos Dorados Comércio de Alimentos Ltda.
Agency: DPZ&T
Language: English


IKEA "Apartmenteka" is the first and the only design catalogue for standard flats in Russia. It is the service allowing to see your apartment in a new design and functionality for free.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA (Russia)
Agency: Instinct (BBDO Group)
Language: English

IKEA NT$100 store

IKEA had a long history in Taiwan, and its growth had been slowing since 2011, with the perception of affordability figuring as a major hurdle. While this was not IKEA’s first campaign to focus on low prices, this campaign successfully transformed the brand image in people’s minds and built up affordability as a trigger for sales increased 250%. Furthermore, this business model was so innovative and successful that IKEA intends to launch it in other markets.

Agency: Ogilvy Taiwan
Language: English


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