Small Budgets - Products

Cases eligible for this category must represent the only communications efforts for this brand (brand defined as listed in the “brand” question of the Effie entry form) during the time period that the effort entered ran. 



Felicidades Campeón

Brand: Pilsener
Client: Cerveceria Nacional
Agency: Maruri Grey

Let there be light

Brand: Coca-Cola
Client: Coca Cola China
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Beijing

The Machine That Shows Your Child Inside

Brand: Arti Creativo
Client: Productos Industriales Arti SA
Agency: Independencia Creativa SAC

2018_na_2018_e-3363-547_hero_1 IBM Power Systems
2017_ap_2017_ss-ap006_hero_1 Dolmio Dolmio Pepper Hacker
2017_au_2017_29_hero_1 First Choice Liquor How changing the date of Christmas proved to be the most effective challenger strategy for First Choice Liquor.

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