Small Budgets - Services

This category recognizes cases with communications efforts that ran on a small budget (Local Efforts - $1 million or less, Regional Efforts - $2 million or less, and National Efforts - $5 million or less). 



DNA Discounts

U.S.-to-Mexico Aeromexico ticket sales suffered in the face of several challenges: growing anti-Mexico rhetoric in the U.S. stalled American tourism in Mexico; Americans who were traveling to Mexico chose U.S.-based airlines over us; and those competitors spent $128-$284M while we lacked a budget to reach the American audience. Despite zero paid media spend, our shocking, newsworthy video garnered 1.6 billion impressions. More importantly, we increased daily revenue 185.8% after the campaign went viral while promoting our brand’s positioning statement: There are no borders within us.

Brand: Aeromexico
Client: Aeromexico
Agency: Ogilvy Mexico
Language: English

The Roaming Puppet

STC’s roaming packages were perceived as costly and inconvenient. To demonstrate to travelers that they are affordable and reliable, we introduced ‘Rayeh Rayeh’, an online series documenting the adventures of Saudi comedians and globetrotters who bring their missing friend along as a puppet backed by STC roaming. All 4 seasons were shot in a touristic destination frequented by Saudis, entertaining viewers while showcasing the convenient roaming packages. The show became the most watched YouTube series in KSA, helped increase roaming subscriptions, and encouraged Saudis to roam worry-free.

Brand: Saudi Telecom Company
Client: Saudi Telecom Company
Agency: J.Walter Thompson
Language: English

Turning a box of nothing into breakfast

Ordinarily, Foodbank’s Christmas appeal involves direct marketing pleading for donations. In 2018, we crafted an idea with a more immediate response: Hungry Puffs, the breakfast over 100,000 West Aussie kids wake up to every day.
In the lead-up to Christmas, empty boxes of Hungry Puffs were stocked in over 40 major supermarkets across Western Australia. Shoppers who were in the process of buying food for their own families were suddenly encouraged to support a much bigger cause – helping feed children who go without breakfast every day.

Brand: Foodbank WA
Client: Foodbank WA
Agency: The Brand Agency
Language: English

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