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Sustained Success - Products

Products communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for 3 or more years are eligible for entry.




The Most Interesting Man in the World

The challenge: to transform a no-name Mexican beer into a distinctive premium brand. Faced with declining beer sales and increasing competitive spend, we needed a counter-category message to break through. We realized beer advertising typically insults the intelligence of drinkers, and this presented an opportunity: to be interesting, rather than infantile. The Most Interesting Man in the World was born, and with him an integrated campaign that helped Dos Equis increase trial and drive healthy double-digit growth during widespread category decline, all while firmly ingraining us in popular culture.

  • Brand: Dos Equis
  • Client: Heineken USA
  • Agency: Havas New York

Share Some Soul

For seven years the Kia Hamsters have proven their ability to drive sales, help grow the Kia brand, and capture the public imagination at the same time. The Soul has grown from 0 to 90% segment share, decimated its boxy rivals, and become a top seller in Kias portfolio. The Hamster TV commercials were twice named Nielsens most effective automotive ad. Theyve evolved with culture, collaborating with emerging music artists, integrating video games and online contests, and by doing so have made the Soul a key component of Kias growth.

  • Brand: Kia Motors
  • Client: Kia Motors America
  • Agency: David & Goliath

Give Extra, Get Extra

Extra was the #1 brand in the $3 billion gum category from 1990-2004 on the strength of its "long-lasting flavor" positioning. As "long-lasting" became a category ante, Extra steadily declined. By 2013, sales were down 6.1%, and Extra had been experiencing pervasive and steady declines for over two years. So we adopted a new philosophy and changed our objectives for communications. In 2015, we launched a short film that quickly became one of the year's most celebrated love stories. 

  • Brand: Extra Gum
  • Client: Mars/Wrigley
  • Agency: Energy BBDO
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