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Sustained Success - Products

Products communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for 3 or more years are eligible for entry.




Arby's: We Have the Meats

Entering 2014, Arby’s was a 50-year-old brand in steep decline. As the landscape of fast food and fast casual expanded rapidly, Arby’s had lost relevance, locations, and sales. It was perceived as the place for roast beef, but roast beef was a miniscule part of fast food visitation.  The brand repositioned itself, doubling down on the meats, showing that Arby's had more variety and higher quality. “We Have the Meats” was launched, shifting a dying fast-food chain to one of the fastest growing in the industry. 

  • Brand: Arby's
  • Client: Arby's Restaurant Group, Inc.
  • Agency: Edelman

How building a strong brand saved a big box retailer

This is a story about the power of brand to save Big Box retailers. Over the last 5 years, big box retail has been annihilated. Six sporting goods chains (accounting for over 585 stores) have closed or filed for bankruptcy. Over 700 department stores closed.  But there is one retailer that has come out winning: Dick's Sporting Goods. Since the launch of a new marketing campaign in 2012, Dick’s has increased net sales by $2.5 billion and increased annual profits by 48%.

  • Brand: DICK'S Sporting Goods
  • Client: DICK'S Sporting Goods
  • Agency: Anomaly

A Novel Approach to Growth

Extra gum had become one of the biggest brands in the category. But while it was big, it had no meaning. And with no meaning, it was becoming invisible. So we walked away from traditional product marketing and began investigating ways to build the brand by telling emotional stories. Our work centered on the idea that a small act of kindness increases joy. This new brand meaning revitalized Extra’s steadily declining sales and households exposed to the Extra advertising purchased 30% more Extra than households who were not.

  • Brand: Extra Gum
  • Client: Mars, Inc.
  • Agency: Energy BBDO
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