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Olympics Marketing

This is an award for cases that had a targeted marketing strategy surrounding the Summer or Winter Olympics. This is a biennial category.




Michael Phelps

Under Armour, one of Michael Phelps' biggest sponsors, was locked out from using the limelight of the worlds biggest competition in August, 2016. Cutting through sponsorship noise, it used Phelps to bring to life the brands hardcore ethos - greatness is the product of sacrifice. By showcasing Phelps' grueling regimen and launching it months before the official sponsors, it sparked a very different kind of campaign. The campaign was among the most liked, lauded, shared and talked about campaign among sponsors and non-sponsors, significantly driving consideration and ultimately sales. 

  • Brand: Under Armour
  • Client: Under Armour
  • Agency: Droga5

Step Up Stand Tall

A Canadian retailer facing aggressive competitors like Walmart and Home Depot created a deep emotional connection by taking an exclusive event like the Olympics and turning it into a campaign for inclusion. We uncovered moments of character in the Games and linked them to values Canadians hold dear. We showed that when the best of us steps up, our nation stands taller. By creating an authentic link to the brand, we achieved Top Tier sponsorship status, enjoyment and improved opinion above all sponsors, and social engagement ranked #3 globally, with just 36 million Canadians. 

  • Brand: Canadian Tire
  • Client: Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Agency: cleansheet communications

Proud Sponsor of Moms

Can one big brand idea create additional value that drives sales for a portfolio of long-established and well-differentiated brands? For 175 years, P&G, the company, was always the silent giant behind its many powerful brands. The Olympics gave P&G an opportunity to have a point of view that would resonate with millions of people. P&G is not in the business of helping athletes be better athletes. But they are in the business of helping their moms. P&G would celebrate mom and thank her for all that she does.

  • Brand: Procter & Gamble
  • Client: Procter & Gamble
  • Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
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