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Disease Awareness & Education: Advocacy

Efforts produced by government, academic, or non-profit organizations to bring awareness/education to specific health conditions.




The Hero Gene

We started with the hypothesis that comic book fans would be more likely to donate bone marrow compared to the average population. Our research revealed that their intent to donate may actually be four-fold. To Reach this untapped audience, we went to Comic Con, and created The Hero Gene Laboratory-an activation experience that allowed fans to submit their DNA test to see if they have the Hero Gene. We surpassed all prior marrow drive results, exceeded out own ambitious goal, and most importantly, found a potentially life-saving match.

  • Brand: The Hero Gene
  • Client: Be the Match
  • Agency: Area 23, An FCB Health Network Company

Finishers 2.0

In order to keep the teen smoking rate going down, truth needed to address the rising epidemic of teens smoking other combustibles like hookah and cigarillos. Tobacco companies were tricking us with candy and fruit flavors and colorful packaging to make these products more appealing. We set out to show teens the truth and get them fired up against tobacco companies. Our campaign successfully captured the attention of teens and drastically changed their attitudes towards smoking other combustibles.

  • Brand: truth initiative
  • Client: truth initiative
  • Agency: 72andSunny


Male gonads - "balls" - is a term that has become part of English vernacular. In fact, "grow some balls" is such a common phrase that it's Collins Dictionary definition is pending. Ovarian Cancer Canada flipped this male notion upside down. What if we positioned ovaries as female "balls"? What if they represented the same bravery as their male counterparts? And they championed the same courage it took to fight this fatal disease? Would this be powerful enough get ovaries and ovarian cancer into mainstream, Canadian cultural conversation? Yes, it was.

  • Brand: Ovarian Cancer Canada
  • Client: Ovarian Cancer Canada
  • Agency: Grey Canada
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