Healthcare - OTC

Marketing communications efforts for products that are sold without a prescription that address a specific health condition.



Dr. Scholl's: A Brand on the Move

Dr. Scholl’s business had challenges. In an age of proactive health and wellness, the brand was perceived to be “for older people with foot problems.” To stem declines, we focused on the role that feet play in active, healthy lives and completely reinvented the Dr. Scholl’s experience so that it was in step with a younger, busier consumer audience. It worked: we not only stopped the declines, the brand grew for the first time since 2013.

Brand: Dr. Scholl's
Client: Bayer Healthcare
Agency: Energy BBDO

Bayer Aspirin - Making Heroes of Us All

By highlighting an often-overlooked indication for Bayer® Aspirin—the ability to save a life during a heart attack—we inspired a new generation of people to begin carrying aspirin and, ultimately, become heroes to those around them.

Brand: Bayer Aspirin
Client: Bayer Healthcare
Agency: Energy BBDO

It's Never Just a Cough

Robitussin cough syrup has been a household name for generations, but had become overlooked as more people turned to multi-symptom relief instead. We were routinely outspent by the multi-symptom giants and largely known for cough, a symptom that often goes untreated. We needed to make ourselves AND cough relevant in a world where people prefer to treat many symptoms over one.  We knew that coughs are much worse and more serious than people think, so we sought to make people realize that a cough isn’t “just a cough” -- it’s sickness! 

Brand: Robitussin
Client: Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
Agency: Grey New York

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