Healthcare - OTC

Marketing communications efforts for products that are sold without a prescription that address a specific health condition.



SickKids VS - All In

When SickKids was built 70 years ago, it was the world’s largest paediatrics hospital. While groundbreaking treatment continues, the facility is showing serious signs of age. Tasked with launching the largest fundraising campaign in Canadian healthcare history ($1.3 billion over a 10-year period) we needed to rally the entire city of Toronto behind this construction. Issuing a call to arms for the city to stand behind the cause, we surpassed our goal of acquiring 5,000 new monthly donors by December 31st by an incredible 29.6%.

Brand: SickKids Foundation
Client: SickKids Foundation
Agency: Cossette

Tina's Uterus

When it comes to healthcare, efficacy reigns supreme. It’s highly challenging to generate sales without a competitive claim or a functional advantage. Motrin’s key competitor focused on the strength to enable users, but this didn’t reflect any semblance of women’s real experience dealing with menstrual pain. “Tina’s Uterus” generated an incredible +16% baseline sales in a declining category by taking a bold, authentic approach to depicting menstrual pain. We emotionally connected with young women by proving Motrin  truly understood their pain and could effectively help manage it.

Client: Johnson & Johnson Inc.
Agency: OneMethod

Excedrin Works

Rather than just talk about a migraine, Excedrin harnessed the power of 360° video to allow non-sufferers to experience a migraine’s visual and sound-related symptoms first-hand. This technology brought empathy and understanding to migraine sufferers – catering to the emotional side in a way no OTC brand has never done before. The efforts proved that Excedrin is equally committed to driving empathy and understanding as we are to bringing fantastic products to people. And this kind of empathetic storytelling paid off—boosting Excedrin’s brand purpose (+41%) and driving sales (+22%).

Brand: Excedrin
Client: GSK Consumer Healthcare
Agency: Weber Shandwick

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