Healthcare - OTC

Marketing communications efforts for products that are sold without a prescription that address a specific health condition.



Cool Kid

Band-Aid Brand is the story of a leading brand whose advertising needed to put a fresh face on the brand; reinvigorating its image and creating a platform for dramatic new product innovation. The creative idea was built around this contemporary, precocious "spokeskid" who could identify with consumers of any age and deliver a solution an engaging and charming way. Our approach provided a strong platform for Hurt- Free Wash; a breakthrough in would cleansing that relieves the pain of cuts and scrapes while cleaning them. Sales immediately responded within the first two weeks of advertising, jumping 211% and achieving the highest sales among any new could care product in 2001.

Brand: Band-Aid Brand
Client: Johnson & Johnson
Agency: McCann-Erickson
Language: English

Compakmania - A Revolutionary Story!

In a category where young girls/women are held hostage by habits and discussion of the topic is taboo, Tampax was challenged with launching an innovative product to an uncaptive audience. Tampax Compak (yes, tampons!) suddenly shifted from taboo to topical among teens/young women. This provocative, entertaining approach exceeded launch share expectations and any other category launch benchmarks.

Brand: Tampax Compak
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Language: English

On the Nose

The company's future hinged on BR's success and to turn the company around, BR needed to grow and expand its market beyond core users. BR seized the opportunity to segment its business and thus had to reposition to one segment for a new usage and a new consumer without diminishing, but instead growing the other segment. The "On the Nose" campaign had to maximize the potential of these segments with separate, but synergistic communications. As a result, perceptions of BR as a congestion remedy were enhanced, sales grew 10% and awareness more than doubled.

Brand: Breathe Right
Client: CNS, Inc.
Agency: Campbell Mithun
Language: English

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