Healthcare - OTC

Marketing communications efforts for products that are sold without a prescription that address a specific health condition.



Facts Campaign

Tagamet HB represents a legitimate breakthrough for heartburn sufferers. Acknowledging this fact informatively as no other brand could, the "Facts" campaign successfully established Tagamet HB as a category leader--surpassing sales goals and claiming leadership share of market. This is despite a 2 month lead and claim advantage held by the competition, Pepcid AC.

Brand: Tagamet HB
Client: Smith Kline Beecham Consumer Healthcare
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English


The "Combinations" campaign leverages the core Miller Lite equities of fun with friends and humor. The goal of the campaign is to strengthen the brand identity and break through the clutter of beer advertising. The campaign achieved its goal by posting double digit improvements on key awareness measures and helping contribute to much better than expected volume performance vs. forecast, despite the introduction of a major line extension.

Brand: Miller Lite
Client: Miller Brewing Company
Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Language: English

Swinging Bottle

Brand: Cool Mint Listerine
Client: Warner-Lambert Company
Agency: JWT
Language: English

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2020_he_2020_e-4869-494_hero_1 NoDoz 200mg to conquer your world.

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