Healthcare - OTC

Marketing communications efforts for products that are sold without a prescription that address a specific health condition.



La sal que se ve

Brand: Fundación Favaloro
Client: Fundación Favaloro
Agency: Grey Argentina

Let's End This

Mucinex, a brand with enormous equity in chest congestion, was in trouble. It grew under the protective wing of a patent and an advertising campaign that vilified mucus as the cause of your worst cold and flu symptoms. But once its patent expired, Mucinex had become vulnerable to private label. Now any brand could target mucus. The Lets End This campaign leveraged an insight that was a first for the cold and flu category and repositioned how the brand went to market. The results? The best season in Mucinex history.

Brand: Mucinex
Client: RB
Agency: McCann


Over the years, TYLENOL® sales have dropped 50% and went from first to last place in our category. We didn’t just lose consumers business - we lost their love. Touting our products wasn’t going to reignite it. So when society was questioning what defines a marriage, we sparked a conversation about what defines a family. In 3 months, with a fraction of TYLENOL®’s overall media budget, we significantly improved key brand equity measures, purchase intent and positive sentiment– without ever referencing TYLENOL®’s products.

Client: McNeil Consumer Healthcare
Agency: J. Walter Thompson

2019_do_2019_e-82-377_hero_1 Referencia Banco de Sangre Pinta por Pinta
2019_he_2019_e-3982-420_hero_1 Slow-Mag Feats of Middle Age
2019_mn_2019_117_hero_1 Telfast Weather Sync *Achoo* Campaign

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