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999 Warm-Hearted Leggings

Nowadays, more and more Chinese young targets are inclined to treat colds with Western medicine; therefore, the influence of using 999 Ganmaoling Keli is declining, and this cold remedy brand is becoming outdated.
For this campaign, we combined the traditional Chinese elements with the modern young culture and found an innovative way of utilizing crossover mediums. We re-invented the traditional long johns and designed a line of Warm-Hearted Leggings to refresh the outdated brand image of 999 Ganmaoling Keli. The Campaign idea "high-waisted long johns to keep you warm while staying fashionable", which became a sensation on social media, thus caused a new trend of wearing long johns among the young targets. As a result, it had successfully giving new life to 999’s promise of feeling warm from heart to heart.

Brand: 999 Ganmaoling Keli
Client: San Jiu Medicine Trade Co.,Ltd.
Agency: Serviceplan China
Language: Mandarin

Theraflu Flu Tracker based on Big Data analysis

The digital project Theraflu Flu Tracker is an innovative, socially useful service in the form of an interactive map of Russia that analyzes a huge array of relevant data and gives the most accurate forecast for the incidence of flu and cold for 10 days in advance for each city of Russia.

Brand: Theraflu
Client: GSK Consumer Healthcare Russia
Agency: MediaCom
Language: English, Russian

Biotebal hairdresser

Biotebal was facing a real challenge. Very ambitious sales target have been placed on category with really low penetration and distrustful customers. In order to meet this mission, we have decided to get to know better and understand emotions, which accompanying women with hair loss problem. We defined especially tough moments in women’s live and used them in our campaign to build emotional bond with customers. Due to effective communication Biotebal noted the biggest value increase on the medicines market in 2017, with additional 29,7 mio PLN of turnover.

Brand: Biotebal
Client: Polpharma
Agency: Mediacom Warszawa
Language: Polish

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