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First step into second youth

A unique campaign integrated with the TV program, which successfully brought Voltaren sales growth 3.3 x faster than the category. VOLTAREN leads a cluttered category. Held back by restrictions and communicating to passive target group, it fulfills its mission in the spirit of FIRST STEP INTO SECOND YOUTH. The brand's mission is to change the image of elderly people in the eyes of younger generation and their own. It encourages to be physically active and thus to "walk out into the daylight" and on equal terms without shame and embarrassment.

  • Brand: Voltaren
  • Client: GlaxoSmithKline
  • Agency: MediaCom Warsaw

Here it's a Routine!

Over the years the choice of drug for immunity boost and first symptoms was simple: Rutinoscorbin. But the hegemony ended with dynamic development and expansion of the competitive landscape. How to adopt to the new categorial context and fight the innovative "young wolves", as venerable category leader who hasn’t changed in 43 years? Rutinoscorbin’s case shows that it’s possible even without product modifications. We’ve focused on the consumer and found a distinctive message which helped the brand achieve historically high shares and stop the negative trend of the entire segment.

  • Brand: Rutinoscorbin
  • Client: GlaxoSmithKline
  • Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi IS


Biovital – the brand that stands for vitality – lost its own. Further growth was blocked by its fusty “gift for grandma” image. Our communication was based on a simple truth – small steps, not revolutions, lead to noticeable change. The rejuvenation therapy was successful. We acquired new consumers and rejuvenated the age structure of our customer base. Biovital achieved the highest sales growth in the tonic category and increased its market share significantly. Once again our brand justly regained the leadership position in the category.

  • Brand: Biovital
  • Client: EGIS
  • Agency: Opus B
2018_uk_2018_e-181-035_hero_1 Nytol SAYING GOOD NYTOL TO SLEEPLESSNESS
2017_pl_2017_41_hero_1 Gripex Gripex - You can!

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