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Fading Font

China has the highest number of Alzheimer’s sufferers in the world, but because of the lack of knowledge, very few seek treatment until it is too late. How to remind the public this disease will rob the most precious thing they have, their memories? We create The Fading Font, to demonstrate how Alzheimer’s would take away people’s memories piece by piece. On World Alzheimer’s day, we launched the font across social media with the support from hundreds of brands and celebrities, and raised the public’s awareness on the disease.

Brand: Alzheimer's Disease Chinese
Client: Alzheimer's Disease International
Agency: mcgarrybowen Shanghai
Language: English, Mandarin

The Opera No One Heard

There is roughly 3 million Ukrainians with hearing impairments of different degree. The majority has no idea about that, though in 60% of cases losing hearing can be prevented by prompt diagnosis. Public organization «Vidchui» wanted to bring to the attention of Ukrainians the need to have their hearing checked. To make people feel what they can lose without checking and taking care of hearing, we took them to the world of absolute silence in the unlikeliest place for it – at the opera. As a result, project audience’s interest to the problem of checking hearing tripled, the total coverage of the project amounted more than 25 million contacts, with a zero budget for media relations there were more than 300 publications in media, Ukrainian opinion leaders and international organizations told about the action.

Brand: NGO Vidchui
Client: NGO Vidchui
Agency: Gres Todorchuk PR
Language: English

Toothpaste for gums

Teeth are rockstars in oral care, but gum health (an overlooked part of oral hygiene) is key to achieving beautiful teeth. parodontax is a toothpaste, made for gums. It is a small brand fighting against the big names of the category. When it comes to gum care, most consumers either ignore it or believe generalist toothpastes are enough. We needed to gum care compelling. By using a single, universal insight, we shifted the tide for the brand – achieving over €125m in European sales and growing at 9x the category.

Brand: Parodontax
Client: glaxosmithkline (gsk)
Agency: Grey London
Language: English

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