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The award honors media led ideas that are powerful enough to become the genesis of the communications program itself.



Escape Mountain

Ski-Doo’s “Escape Mountain” reintroduced the brand to a new generation of snowmobile riders. Defying convention, we created a binge-worthy, extreme reality show and forged a unique entertainment partnership with Discovery to tell our product story in a way that’s never been done before. Escape Mountain’s exciting, emotional storytelling energized the brand, generating record video views and site visits, and catapulted Ski-Doo to its highest market share record to date.

Brand: Ski-Doo
Client: Ski-Doo
Agency: Touché! Canada
Language: English

South Park Takes Over the Denver Broncos’ Stadium

When South Park announced a COVID-themed Pandemic Special, marketing followed suit. Knowing South Park fans love the NFL©, and with COVID limiting attendance, the vacant seats of an empty stadium were the perfect place to get noticed. Comedy Central brought the town of South Park to Mile High Stadium in Denver, filling empty seats with 1,800 cutouts of characters from the show’s 23 seasons – and people took notice. South Park’s special was the highest-rated cable telecast of 2020 and the highest rated South Park episode in seven years.

Brand: Comedy Central
Client: Comedy Central
Agency: Fallon
Language: English

Cut Out the Bullshit

2020 was the most deadly year for gun violence in America on record. But with the torrent of overlapping crises in the news, the gun violence crisis was getting lost. How could Change the Ref, run by Manuel Oliver in memory of his son Joaquin, maintain attention for the white-hot gun control issue among its harshest critics (white male gun owners)? With just $1,000, we found the answer at the intersection of fathers, sons and America’s favorite pastime: Baseball. 

Brand: Change the Ref
Client: Change the Ref
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

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