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The award honors media led ideas that are powerful enough to become the genesis of the communications program itself.



Let it be the chocolate!

Kiev, one of the greenest cities in Europe, has become a giant dog toilet. And it’s not a surprise: less than 1% of dog owners, walking with their pets in public places, clean the excrements after them. But at the same time 78% of Ukrainians consider themselves as Europeans. And cleaning dog feces is not just an aesthetic problem. In the poop, there are dangerous bacteria for human. Therefore, this situation affects negatively on the living conditions of us all. PO “Tse Nash Kyiv” tried to solve this problem, borrowing the European experience. But there were no changes in situation…

Brand: Public Organization "Tse Nash Kyiv"
Client: Public Organization "Tse Nash Kyiv"
Agency: TWIGA Idea
Language: English, Ukrainian

Don't Ignore a Cough

Last winter Prospan was the little kid’s cough remedy that could. With everything stacked against it, a winning combination of finding and leveraging existing behaviors and using big data to build a predictive algorithm, the perfect message was delivered at precisely the right time to concerned Australian mums. By successfully aligning Prospan with maternal instinct, we achieved a 27% increase in sales, in a market which shrank by -8.5%.

Brand: Prospan
Client: Flordis
Language: English

Die Rekruten

Brand: Bundeswehr
Client: Bundesministerium der Verteidigung
Agency: Castenow Communications GmbH
Language: German

2020_ch_2020_e-104-064_hero_1 Ibis Hotels – Social Media Sitter Ibis Hotels – Social Media Sitter
2020_ch_2020_e-44-334_hero_1 Black & Blaze Premium Post vom Königshaus für kleine Rösterei
2020_me_2020_e-4734-955_hero_1 Kerrygold Music Behind the Recipes

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