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The award honors media led ideas that are powerful enough to become the genesis of the communications program itself.



Free Beer Forever

Consumers increasingly frequently use social media to find how and where to spend their leisure time. That’s why it was necessary to develop an advertising campaign to create a stir around Beer Point in the Internet. Using the hottest news – visa-free travel for Ukrainians – we’ve advertised the Kyiv pub in Belgium. This has made Beer Point popular among the members of the European Parliament. The viral effect has created a stir in social media and made the pub well-known in Ukraine.

Brand: Beer Point
Client: Beer Point
Agency: Kinograf

Change4Life Sugar Smart

The average child eats three times the recommended amount of sugar, with 1/3 now overweight when leaving primary school. No parent wants this. We identified the problem, parents don't understand how much sugar is in the food and drink they give their children. Our solution was Sugar Smart – a campaign which instantly visualised sugar levels in food and drink through an app. Over 2,000,000 people downloaded the app, scanning over 14,000,000 products, with 81% of users stating they cut sugar in their child's diet as a result of the campaign.

Brand: Public Health England
Client: Public Health England
Agency: MEC UK

Girl Emojis

Always launched the #LikeAGirl movement in 2014 with the objective of stopping the drop in confidence girls experience at puberty by taking on culturally relevant, but social damaging issues. This year, we took on the stereotypical depiction of girls in emojis. By only showing girls wearing pink and doing their nails, these emojis subtly reinforced societys prejudices towards girls. This campaign rallied girls to demand non-stereotypical emojis which resultedin over 40 new inspiring emojis.

Brand: Always
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Starcom

2019_ru_2019_2441_hero_1 Street Stars Digital show Street Stars with street musicians
2019_rs_2019_e-206-724_hero_1 Munchmallow Munchmallow - Priča za sebe
2019_me_2019_e-3723-522_hero_1 Gerber Every Baby is a Gerber Baby: Sparking a Global Dialogue on Inclusion

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