Media Idea

The award honors media led ideas that are powerful enough to become the genesis of the communications program itself.



Arouse Memories of the City——Baidu's AR restoration campaign of nine city gates in old Beijing

"To rebuild the relationship between people and the city using technology, Baidu has chosen the Nine Gates, which were Beijing's geographic boundaries, and taken them as the origin of the restored memories about this city. The augmented reality (AR) technology has therefore been used to restore its sounds and appearance in a 3D, dynamic manner. Moreover, an emotional bridge between people and the city has been built by launching the Baidu AR Train on Metro Line 2 which runs through the original sites of the Nine Gates."

Brand: Baidu
Client: Baidu
Agency: BlueFocus Digital
Language: Mandarin

OrangeAid - Back to School

Income donates 1% of annual profits to OrangeAid, its CSR initiative, which puts low-income youths through school. Raising awareness of OrangeAid is part of Income’s long-term efforts to drive contributions and fulfil its social mission of “doing good”. So in 2016, armed with a small budget, Income started a movement that turned Singaporeans’ affinity with their school uniforms into a pledge of support for OrangeAid. A single social post sparked a national conversation, got the attention of the Prime Minister, generated PR worth 6x the spend, and boosted OrangeAid awareness.

Brand: NTUC Income
Client: INCOME
Agency: BBH Asia Pacific
Language: English

Advice Wipes

Baby care brands thrive on parent-to-parent recommendations. So, how do you break through when you're a British brand nobody in the U.S. has heard of? By telling parents-to-be all the overwhelming baby advice they receive is sh*t. To sell more baby bottles, Tommee Tippee made Advice Wipes from real, unfounded parenting advice. That put us on the map, increased sales, and made us a hero for parents who wanted to trust their intuition. 

Brand: Tommee Tippee
Client: Mayborn Group
Agency: McCann New York
Language: English

2020_ch_2020_e-104-064_hero_1 Ibis Hotels – Social Media Sitter Ibis Hotels – Social Media Sitter
2020_ch_2020_e-44-334_hero_1 Black & Blaze Premium Post vom Königshaus für kleine Rösterei
2020_me_2020_e-4734-955_hero_1 Kerrygold Music Behind the Recipes

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