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The award honors media led ideas that are powerful enough to become the genesis of the communications program itself.



Vodka Cruiser TV LIVE on Facebook

The challenge was big- get a generation (the notorious millennials at that) to connect with a legacy brand that held the stigma of 'uncool / too young for me' to now be perceived as ‘a brand I'd like to be seen with'. Our answer, VCTV- a category first innovation at the intersection of creativity and digital smarts. A fast and funny chat show streamed weekly on Facebook LIVE. We took the platform into unexplored territory, changing its usage to 'interactive TV' We not only managed to change perceptions, but also tripled sales. All amidst a shrinking category, reduced media investment and a society that's re-thinking its love affair with alcohol.

Brand: Vodka Cruiser
Client: Vodka Cruiser
Agency: Vizeum
Language: English


Brand: Sprite
Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Bond
Language: Spanish

KWITT - mit hightech Chatbot gegen old-school Image

Brand: Sparkasse
Client: Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband (DSGV)
Agency: Jung von Matt
Language: German

2020_ch_2020_e-104-064_hero_1 Ibis Hotels – Social Media Sitter Ibis Hotels – Social Media Sitter
2020_ch_2020_e-44-334_hero_1 Black & Blaze Premium Post vom Königshaus für kleine Rösterei
2020_me_2020_e-4734-955_hero_1 Kerrygold Music Behind the Recipes

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