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The award honors media led ideas that are powerful enough to become the genesis of the communications program itself.



De Camioneros A Protagonistas De Novela

Gran Premio Movil Delvac, el evento insignia de los transportadores colombianos, un activo de la marca que venía perdiendo asistencia debido a que los camioneros de generaciones viejas, poco tenían que ver con las nuevas generaciones del gremio, personas más selectivas en cuestiones de entretenimiento y conectadas con la tecnología a través del smartphone. Con este conocimiento de la audiencia creamos “Los Corredor”, la primera novela para ver por Whatsapp, donde convertimos a los camioneros en “WhatsAppvidentes” y PROTAGONISTAS al grabar en vivo el capítulo final durante el evento. 

Brand: Mobil Colombia
Client: Organización Terpel
Language: Spanish

YOTA ad in the entry for Effie

How can a small mobile carrier increase subscriber base if the entire audience has been already divided between four giant competitors with vastly superior media resources? YOTA decided to make a bold move - to redefine traditional approach to advertising instead of trying to dress up their product. In absurdly straightforward deadpan campaign, the brand hasn’t said anything to the consumer except the only important thing: what they see is a YOTA ad. The effect was overwhelming: highest sales record of the last 1.5 years, highest-ever rate of spontaneous brand awareness, discussion on the internet, and unprecedented amount of UGC.

Brand: YOTA
Client: Skartel LLC
Agency: Friends Moscow
Language: English, Russian

The Walking Dead. Episode 17.

What should you do when the main role actor announces leaving the show just before the new season premiere? - to launch zombie apocalypses: 17th interactive voice episode of The Walking Dead, those users could pass through with by voice only, chatting with Yandex Alisa. The episode was listened more that 1M times, 7M became aware of the episone and the new season and as a result number of FOX channel subscribtions (the channel reach) increased 15%, that is 3 times higher than benchmark for this kind of campaigns

Brand: FOX TV channel
Client: Fox Network Group Russia. FOX TV channel
Agency: Mindshare
Language: English, Russian

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